Iraq/Afghanistan II

The truth is that even after learning about PTSD it is hard to understand what it is really like to live through it. You can read the newspapers, articles, text books, and try and understand it as much as you can but nothing is like hearing what suffering from PTSD is This video shows two veterans talking to Congress about their stories of dealing with PTSD.

Some of the accounts of dealing with PTSD are much more vivid and shocking and sometimes very hard to read. This following excerpt is presented by Chief Petty Officer Bob Page who gives an emotional and graphic account of his time in Iraq and also an account of his life at home following his time in the military where he outlines his personal battle with PTSD. This presentation was found on The United States Department of Veteran Affairs website.

But it is important to realize that with this new era of warfare and the technological advances that we have made as a society we are not leaving these men and women behind. We are working with them in order to get them the correct aid that they need and with the help of others they are not alone in fighting PTSD. [youtube][/youtube]


Just an interesting side note but PTSD has also been found in dogs, who are used to find Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), that are used in the middle-east. It is called Canine PTSD

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